Starting in 2017 in the little Perth Hills suburb of Roleystone, Chalari was born with just two tonnes of premium Frankland River Riesling. All made by hand in a tiny shed out the back, this wine made it onto the New Years Eve menu at the State Buildings in WA. This set us on our journey to where we are today.

With no family history in winemaking, the winery was built from the ground up. Scraping and scrapping for tanks and equipment, the constant innovating to make tools or equipment that we couldn't afford to buy, defines us as our brand. In hindsight, starting a winery from scratch is hard work, particularly with no family 'hand me down' property or equipment.

Over the years, we have invested back into our business to buy new equipment to allow us to expand and make more of the wines we like to drink, and know you will too.

However, we still love to make our tools and equipment!!

Today, we are producing a number of traditional, lo-fi and experimental wines and selling in several markets across Australia and internationally.