What we do

Growing and sourcing fruit that is organically or sustainably farmed is the foundation of our ethos

Our Ethos

Our aim is to produce delicious wines, both traditional and experimental, from organic or sustainably farmed grapes.


We have worked with small growers all around the state and have either converted them to organic practices, or set them on that path.

We are very mindful of the generational changes that will occur in the coming years, particularly in the Swan Region so we have worked hard to increase the price we pay for the growers hard work over the years. In some cases, we now pay over double what they originally asked for.

In return we get exceptional fruit and have managed to convert some of these growers to organic practices.


We also manage vineyards in the Great Southern and Swan District and farm those organically and regeneratively. Think cover crops, no synthetic sprays, increased biodiversity on the vineyard floor.

We aim to find more vineyards over the coming years to manage and convert. This is core to our ethos.


We consider ourselves as minimal intervention winemakers.

What does this mean? In nearly all wines we use no commercial yeasts or fining products. We don't call ourselves natural winemakers because we do occasionally filter a wine, and allow ourselves to use commercially available products if the vintage or the fruit dictates. We would rather use a product diligently and only if required, as opposed to wasting a years worth of growing fruit.

We use minimal sulphites, only small amounts at bottling to ensure the quality of the product is how it we intend it.